The Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly is constituted of 90 constituencies which means there are 90 members of this assembly. Here we are presenting an exhaustive list of all the 90 MLAs along with the details of their party they belong to, their educational qualifications, the names of their respective constituencies, the worth of their assets and also their basic professions. Below this list, you will find the details of the Best MLA of Chhattisgarh also.

Congress bastion was windswept when in 1990 a young leader emerged on the bloc and became the youngest MLA from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, then part of the undivided Madhya Pradesh. Brijmohan Agarwal was elected as M.L.A of Bharatiya Janata Party from Raipur city. Not only that, then Chief Minister Sunder Lal Patwa was so impressed with his leadership skills that he included him in his cabinet also as minister Local Government (Independent Charge), Science & Technology and Tourism. Thus he also became the youngest state cabinet minister of Chhattisgarh. He was awarded as the Best MLA in 1997.

Today he is in his sixth consecutive term as member legislative assembly of Chhattisgarh from the same constituency of Raipur. In the past 28 years, the region and the state have seen six elections and he has remained undefeated in all six of these. His commitment to work, his congenial & compassionate approach and his dedication to perform his role as a minister of over 15 different departments in these years with full dedication has made him win not only the elections but also the hearts of Chhattisgarh’s people. The ever increasing margin of votes by which he won election after election is a clear reflection of his being a people’s leader and the best MLA and minister of Chhattisgarh state.

His vote margin in these six elections has risen over ten times. In the first election in 1990, it was close to three thousand votes that rose to thirty five thousand votes in the sixth election in 2013.  But more than this data, what gives him more satisfaction is that the people all over the state in general and in his constituency in particular are happy with his work. It’s his work and commitment that has made him the most beloved MLA and minister of Chhattisgarh. He is fondly called as Mohan Bhaiya out of love and respect.

No. Name Party Education Constituency Assets In Crores Profession
1 Ajay Chandrakar BJP M.A.(Hindi) KURUD 8+ Agriculture,Pentioner
2 Amar Agarwal BJP B.Com BILASPUR 2+ Politician
3 Amarjeet Bhagat Congress 12th Pass SITAPUR 2+ Agriculture
4 Ambesh Jangre BJP B.A. PAMGARH 0.44+ Contractor
5 Amit Jogi Congress LLB MARWAHI 2+ Advocate
6 Anila Bhendia Congress M.A DONDI LOHARA 2+ Agriculture and Business
7 Arun Vora Congress M.A DURG CITY 1+ Other
8 Ashok Sahu BJP M.A KAWARDHA 1+ Agriculture, SOCIAL
9 Awadhesh Singh Chandel BJP 12th Pass BEMETARA 0.65+
10 Badridhar Diwan BJP 10th Pass BELTARA 0.59+
11 Baghel lakeshwar Congress 10th Pass BASTAR 0.62+ Agriculture
12 Bhaiya Lal Rajwade BJP 10th Pass BAIKUNTHPUR 0.62+ Agriculture
13 Bhaiya Ram Singh Congress SANJARI BALOD
14 Bholaram Sahu Congress 8th Pass KHUJJI .82+ Farming
15 Bhupesh Baghel Congress Post Graduate PATAN 8+ Agriculture
16 Brihaspat Singh Congress RAMANUJGANJ
17 Brijmohan Agrawal BJP M.Com, L.L.B. RAIPUR CITY SOUTH 3+ Agriculture, Government Honorarium
18 Champa Devi Pawle BJP 10th Pass BHARATPUR-SONHAT 1+ House Wife
19 Chintamani Kanwar Congress LUNDRA 0.37+ Agriculture
20 Chunni Lal Sahu Congress AKALTARA 0.57+
21 Chunni Lal Sahu BJP B.A KHALLARI 0.64+ Agriculture
22 Daleshwar Singh Sahu Congress 12th Pass DONGARGAON 1+ Agriculture and Business
23 Dayaldas Baghel BJP 12th Pass NAVAGARH 1+
24 Deepak Kumar Baij Congress M.A. CHITRAKOT 0.10+ Agriculture
25 Devji Bhai Patel Congress M.COM, DBM, and LLB DHARSIWA 4+ Agriculture
26 Devti Karma Congress DANTEWADA 4+ Agriculture
27 Dhanendra Sahu Congress 12th Pass ABHANPUR 5+ Agriculture
28 Dilip Lahriya BJP 12th Pass MASTURI 5+ Farming
29 Dr. Khilawan Sahu BJP M.B.B.S(M.A) SAKTI 0.98+ Agriculture
30 Dr. Preetam Ram Congress SAMRI
31 Dr. Renu Jogi Congress MBBS KOTA 6+ Pentioner
32 Gauri Shankar Agrawal BJP B.E( Electical) KASDOL 11+ Agriculture,Business
33 Girwar Janghel Congress B. Com, L.L.B., KHAIRAGARH 1+ Agriculture
34 Goverdhan Sinh Manjhi BJP 12th Pass BINDRANAWAGARH 1+ Agriculture
35 Gurumukh Singh Hora Congress 5th Pass DHAMTARI 11+ Agriculture
36 Janajk Ram Verma Congress BALODA BAZAR
37 Jaysingh Agrawal Congress 12th Pass KORBA 6+ Other
38 Kawasi Lakhma Congress KONTA 1+ Agriculture,politician
39 Kedarnath Kashyap BJP M.A.(HINDI) NARAYANPUR 1+ Agriculture
40 Kerabai Manhar BJP 12th Pass SARANGARH 0.33+ Agriculture
41 Keshaw Prasad Chandra BSP Post Graduate JAIJAIPUR 2+ Agriculture and Business
42 Khelsay Singh Congress M.A. PREMNAGAR 4+ Agriculture,Pentioner
43 Labhchand Bafna BJP SAJA
44 Lakhan Lal Dewangan BJP 5th Pass KATGHORA 0.34+ Agriculture
45 Laljeet Singh Rathia Congress M.A DHARAMJAIGARH 0.63+ Agriculture
46 Manoj Singh Mandvi Congress Bhanupratappur 0.7+
47 Mahesh Gagda BJP Graduate BIJAPUR 1+ Fish-Farming
48 Mohan Lal Markam Congress MA(Pol. Sci.) KONDAGAON 12+ Other
49 Moti Lal Dewangan Congress B.Com JANJGIR-CHAMPA 8+ Agriculture and Business
50 Moti Ram Chanravanshi BJP 12th Pass PANDARIYA 1+ Agriculture and Social Service
51 Naveen Markandey BJP M.A. ARANG 0.23+ Advocate
52 Paras Nath Rajwade Congress B.A. BHATGAON 0.9+ Agriculture
53 Premprakash Pandey BJP M.S.C. BHILAI NAGAR 4+ Agriculture and Transport Business
54 Punnulal Mohiley BJP 12th Pass MUNGELI 3+ Agriculture
55 Rajendra Kumar Rai Congress B.A GUNDERDEHI 3+ Agriculture
56 Rajesh Munat BJP 12th Pass RAIPUR CITY WEST 3+ Business
57 Rajsharan Bhagat BJP 10th Pass JASHPUR 0.41+ Agriculture,Pentioner
58 Raju Singh Thakur BJP 10th Pass TAKHATPUR 2+
59 Raman Singh BJP B.SC RAJNANDGAON 5+ National subsequent,Social Worker
60 Ramlal Chouhan BJP MA(Social Science SARAIPALI 3+ Retired Govt Servant
61 Ramsewak Paikra BJP M.A. PRATAPPUR 3+ Agriculture,Pentioner
62 Ramshila Sahu BJP B.A. DURG-RURAL 1+ Business,Pentioner
63 Rohit Kumar Sai BJP M.A. KUNKURI 0.45+ Agriculture
64 Roshan Lal BJP M.Com RAIGARH 1+ Business person
65 Rupkumari Choudhary BJP 10th Pass BASNA 2+ Farming
66 Saavla Ram Dahre BJP M.A. AHIWARA 1+ Agriculture,Retired Govt Servant
67 Sanam Kumar Jangre BJP 10th Pass BILAIGARH 0.31+ Farming
68 Santish Upadhyay BJP RAJIM
69 Santosh Bafna BJP M.Com JAGDALPUR 2+ Business person
70 Santram Netam Congress M.A.,L.L.B KESHKAL 0.76+ Agriculture
71 Sarojani Banjare BJP B.A DONGARGARH 0.36+ House Wife
72 Satyanarayan Sharma Congress 12th Pass RAIPUR RURAL 4+ Social Worker
73 Shankar Lal Dhruwa Congress M.A. KANKER 0.98+ Agriculture
74 Shivratan Sharma BJP M.Com.,L.L.B BHATAPARA 1+ Agriculture
75 Shivshankar Painkra BJP B.E PATHALGAON 0.11+ Agriculture
76 Shravan Markam BJP 10th Pass SIHAWA 0.24+ Farmer
77 Shrichand Sundrani BJP 8th Pass RAIPUR CITY NORTH 8+ Agriculture
78 Shyam Bihari Jaiswal BJP M.Sc. MANENDRAGARH 2+ Business person
79 Shyam Lal Kanwar Congress RAMPUR 2+ Agriculture
80 Siyaram Kaushik Congress 10th Pass BILHA 4+ Farmer
81 Sudhir Singh Judev BJP CHANDRAPUR
82 Suniti Rathia BJP 12th Pass LAILUNGA 4+ Agriculture
83 Tej Kunwar Netam Congress 8th Pass MOHLA-MANPUR 0.39+ Agriculture,House Wife
84 Tokhan Ram Sahu BJP M.Com LORMI 0.43+ Agriculture
85 Tribhuneswar Sharan Singh Dev Congress M.A AMBIKAPUR 565+ Agriculture and Business
86 Uike Ramdayal Congress PALI TANAKHAR
87 Umesh Patel Congress B.E KHARSIA 1+ Engineer,Farmer
88 Vidya Ratan Bhasin BJP 10th Pass VAISHALI NAGAR 2+ Rent and intrest
89 Vikram Usendi BJP 12th Pass BHANUPRATAPPUR 0.8+
90 Vimal Chopra Independent MBBS MAHASAMUND 7+ Doctor