Brijmohan Agrawal

If the best minister can be described as the one who understands the needs of public at large and plans to fulfill those needs by taking all measures to do so; If he can be described as the one who listens to public’s grievances with a compassionate mind and works with a goal to satisfy their grievances; If the best minister can be described as the one who is accessible to people without any hassles and who always lends his ears to listen to them; who leads from the front and with his vision and innovative approach, works towards making people’s life easier and happier; then in Chhattisgarh that minister is Brijmohan Agrawal.

He can undoubtedly be named as the best minister in Chhattisgarh. As Agriculture minister, he created an international platform for the farming community of India and the world so that they can interact with each other, learn from each other and implement innovative and latest agricultural techniques in their fields to yield better crops and better incomes. As minister for fisheries and animal husbandry also, he has performed with the same futuristic approach. Introducing new techniques of fish farming, sourcing latest equipment for fishermen, developing latest breeds of livestock have been his focus during last five years. 

As Irrigation Minister, his vision and focus on creating low cost anicuts to control and regulate water resources for irrigation and water supply for drinking, sanitation and all other purposes throughout the year without any interruption even in the summer seasons. Thousands of such anicuts have been constructed across the state of Chhattisgarh during his regime as Irrigation and Water Resources Minister.

Last but by no means least, his performance as the minister of Religious Trusts and Endowments has also been unprecedentedly outstanding. His decision to magnify a small annual festival Pannu Mela of Rajim as the fifth Kumbh of India has created nothing short of a history. In 2018, the Kumbh entered its thirteenth year and emerged as the Kumbh Kalpa with an ever soaring popularity among the pilgrims from all over India and even abroad. The year 2018 shall also be remembered for long for creating two world records – a) lighting up of over three hundred thousand earthen lamps around the Kumbh area and b) over 2100 people blowing conch shells at the same time to produce a never before sound of so many conch shells all together.

Apart from the current portfolios, stories of his great works are told be common people whenever they refer to the name Brijmohan. As Minister Tourism, his focus was to bring all the places of pilgrimage on the national map to foster tourism in this state of forests and temples. As Sports Minister his contribution in the field of sports by means of thinking, planning and constructing a world class stadium - Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Stadium at Naya Raipur, now Atal Nagar will always be remembered by the state. His efforts made Chhattisgarh to boast of a state-of-the-art stadium with a capacity of sixty five thousand people. This stadium is also a souvenir of his commitment towards his duty as he got its work completed on a war footing in a record 45 days time.

Ajay Chandrakar

Ajay Chandrakar is presently serving as the Panchayat and Rural Development, Health and Family Welfare, Medical Education and Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Chhattisgarh.

Amar Agrawal

Amar Agrawal is in charge of Ministry of Commercial Tax, Urban Development, Commerce & Industry and Public Enterprises of Chhattisgarh. A commerce graduate, Amar Agrawal has been active in politics since his college days. He started his political career as President of Bilaspur Yuva Morcha.

Dr. Raman Singh

Chhattisgarh which was known as the kingdom of Congress was defeated by Bhartiya Janata Party debutants like Raman Singh and Brijmohan Agrawal in 1990 when it was part of Madhya Pradesh. In 2003 was recorded as BJP’s victory day in the history of Chhattisgarh and Dr. Raman Singh became Chhattisgarh’s first elected Chief Minister.

Prem Prakash Pandey

Prem Prakash Pandey is a BJP MLA from Bhilai. He is also known as one of the architects of Chhattisgarh which was formed in 2000 after it separated from Madhya Pradesh. Prem Prakash Pandey is currently serving as the Cabinet Minister in Chhattisgarh State Government.

Ram Sewak Paikra

Ram Sewak Paikra is a senior BJP leader and is a member of state assembly. He is the minister of Home, Jail and Public Health Engineering Department of Chhattisgarh

Rajesh Munat

Rajesh Munat is a 3 times elected MLA from 2003 onwards. He is currently in charge of ministries of Public Works, Housing and environment and Transportation.

For Detailed list, please consider the chart below:

Name Born Political Debut Portfolios Constituency
Brijmohan Agrawal 1-May-1959 ABVP - 1977
  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Fishery
  • water resources
  • Ayakt
  • Religious Trusts & Endowment
Raipur City South
Dr. Raman singh 15-Oct-1952 Bharatiya Jan Sangh - 1977
  • Chief Minister of chhattisgarh
  • General administration
  • Finance
  • Electronics and Information technology
  • Public relations
  • Aviation
  • Mineral resources
  • Energy
  • Other departments not allocated to a Minister
Ajay Chandrakar 24-Jun-1963 BJP - 1987
  • Rural Development
  • Parliamentary Affairs
  • Public Health
  • Family Welfare
  • Medical Education Department
Amar Agarwal 22-Sep-1963 BJYM - 1990
  • Commercial Tax
  • Urban Administration
  • Department of Commerce
  • Industries and Public Enterprises
  • Information Technology & Electronics
Prem Prakash Pandey 8 March 1958 Bharatiya Jan Sangh - 1977
  • Revenue and Disaster Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Higher Education
  • Technical Education and Manpower Planning
  • Science and Technology
Kedarnath Kashyap 5-Nov-1974 BJYM & RSS - 1998
  • Tribal and Scheduled Caste Development
  • Backward Classes and Minorities Development
  • School Education
Punnulal Mohle 2-Jan-1952  
  • Food
  • Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection
  • Village
  • Twenty Point Programme
  • Planning
  • Economics and Statistics Department
Rajesh Munat 29-Apr-1963 BJYM - 1981
  • Public Works
  • Housing and Environment
  • Transportation
Raipur West
Ramsevak Paikra 1968  
  • Home
  • Jail
  • Public Health Engineering
Ramsheila Sahu 22-Sep-1960 BJP Janpad - 1992
  • Women and Child Development
  • Social Welfare
Bhaiyalal Rajwade 1958  
  • Labour
  • Sports and Youth Welfare Department
  • Public Grievances Redressal
Dayal Das Baghel 1955  
  • Cooperatives
  • Department of Culture and Tourism
Mahesh Gagda 16-Mar-75  
  • Forest
  • Law and Legal Affairs Department